Trauma Focused Program

Trauma focused care directs all program implementation at Corner Canyon Recovery

Our Trauma Informed Program

Corner Canyon is built on a foundation of Trauma-Focused Care. Every aspect of the program is designed to create an emotionally safe experience for clients and staff.  All staff is trained in the model “Seeking Safety”, and program components are based on its teachings. Corner Canyon is non-punitive, when rules are broken we talk through it to help clients gain an understanding of their behavior rather than consequencing them with write-ups and chores.  Corner Canyon maintains a safe environment, teaching and modeling assertive communication to work through issues and concerns.  If feedback is necessary it is delivered gently and with caring.

Corner Canyon works effectively, through different modalities detailed in other program descriptions, to help clients resolve trauma from their pasts.  However, this work is best accomplished in a setting that is directed and informed by the structure of trauma-informed care.

Our program is non-punitive, processing inappropriate behaviors clinically rather than assigning chores and other non-logical consequences. Healing the brain builds a platform for a happy, healthy life and relapse prevention, in addition to enabling the client to absorb all that is taught and experienced in the treatment setting.

Other aspects of Trauma Informed Care include comfort and safety of the environment.  Corner Canyon has the best beds and bedding in a comfortable home designed around their needs.  Food is prepared with the highest attention to good flavor in healthy foods, designed to help heal the brain and body.  Massage takes place weekly to assist in the healing process.  Relaxation is part of the programming, with regular time at the pool and in the outdoors. Our staff is treated with respect and care, which enables them, in addition to their ongoing training, to create an environment of respect and care for clients.


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