Trauma-Focused Program

Trauma-Focused Care Directs All Program Implementation at Corner Canyon Recovery

Corner Canyon is built on a foundation of Trauma-Focused Care. This means that every aspect of the program is designed to create an emotionally safe experience for both clients and staff. Our experienced staff is trained in the trauma-focused treatment foundational model of “Seeking Safety”, and program components are based on these teachings. Corner Canyon maintains a safe environment, including teaching and modeling assertive communication to work through issues and concerns regarding trauma and other issues. If feedback is necessary, it is delivered gently and with care.

What Does Trauma-Focused Care Really Mean?

Our outcome studies indicate that client’s trauma symptoms drop by 51% during an average length of stay. Corner Canyon works effectively through different modalities to help clients resolve trauma from their past. This work is best accomplished in a setting that is directed and informed by the structure of Trauma-Focused Care.

Our top priority is healing the brain so that clients feel better when they leave treatment, which enables them to make healthy choices instead of reverting to coping skills that no longer serve them. This includes dealing with any trauma they have experienced, and our trauma track includes EMDR, Brainspotting, Vitanya Brain Technology, individual, family, and group therapy, and trauma-focused phase work which includes DBT skills. Healing the brain builds a platform for a happy, healthy life, as well as relapse prevention. In addition, this also enables the client to absorb all that is taught and experienced in the treatment setting.

Amenities of Our Trauma-Focused Program

Corner Canyon’s Trauma-Focused Care includes comfort and safety in the environment. When a client enters our program, standard benefits and amenities they can expect include:

  • Well trained therapists who understand trauma and have the skills to help clients effectively heal from trauma
  • Comfortable beds and bedding in a cozy home that is designed around their needs
  • Well-prepared food with attention to nutrition and flavor, based on current research on the gut-brain connection and it’s impact on depression, anxiety, and insomnia, among other things.
  • Weekly massages to assist in the healing process and introduce safe touch to those clients who have experienced physical or sexual abuse.
  • Regular relaxation that includes pool time and outdoor activity
  • Helpful and respectful staff focused on the healing process

At Corner Canyon, we strive to create an environment of respect and care for our clients. Our trauma-focused treatment and program are designed to promote success and happiness. To learn more, contact us today!


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