Making the Conscious Choice to Heal

When we are ready to do the work it takes to recover, the first and most important step we must take is making the conscious choice to heal. During our struggles with addiction and mental illness, we very often weren’t mindful of our behaviors, our tendencies, and our patterns. We weren’t conscious of our actions […]

Art Therapy and Healing

Art therapy, along with Experiential Therapy and Recreational Therapy, provides an alternative to traditional talk-therapy and uses creative expression to help patients heal from deeply rooted mental and emotional pain. Talk-therapy, or psychotherapy, can be difficult for some patients, especially those who have a hard time expressing themselves verbally. Many of us who have suffered […]

Self-Love as a Healing Tool

Of all the things we learn as we’re working to heal, self-love might be the most important. Without it, we might always be vulnerable to the temptations, addictive urges and compulsiveness that lead to relapse, that feed off of our insecurity, our self-hatred and our lack of groundedness. We might always be susceptible to the […]

Can The Family Heal After A Loved One’s Addiction?

A family needs a lot of time to heal after a loved one’s addiction. Addiction is a chronic brain disease that affects all aspects of a person’s life. Addiction leads to financial problems, physical and mental health issues, job loss, and broken relationships. Regaining trust and rebuilding relationships with family will take some time. If […]