Addiction & Mental Health Recovery Programs

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Addiction Assessment

The first step of our mental health recovery program is complete assessment of every physical and mental aspect of each client. This helps our treatment specialists gain a full understanding of the client’s situation. This assessment includes psychological testing, psychiatric evaluation, and a medical examination, in addition to two kinds of DNA testing. These discussions will help our specialists create a unique, specialized treatment method for the client.

Addiction evaluation involves DNA Testing for Addiction, a biopsychosocial evaluation, medical exam, and psychological testing


Treatment Cornerstones

Corner Canyon’s addiction and mental health recovery program is structured around four main cornerstones: relationships, support systems, brain-based healing, and transition. Each cornerstone will help clients explore their addiction patterns, dysfunctional behaviors, and coping mechanisms. These cornerstones aim to help clients connect with their body, mind, and spirit to create a wholehearted recovery effort.


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Family Counseling Center

Families are an essential part of the healing process for our clients. Mental health problems and addictions put a big strain on relationships between the client and their family, friends, and coworkers. Our mental health and addiction recovery programs include family and relationship therapy, and teach skills like assertive communication to lay a pathway to rebuilding these relationships. Phone calls, family weekends, and home visits are often recommended throughout the client’s stay at Corner Canyon.


Group therapy

Clinical Program

Our clinical program uses scientifically proven treatment methods that have been developed by expert therapists. A few of our recovery methods include cognitive behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, motivational interviewing, EMDR, DBT, and group therapy. These programs have been carefully designed to create a safe, comfortable, and effective environment.


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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

One of the most effective treatments for addiction is inpatient alcohol rehab. Our inpatient rehab center in Draper, Utah, at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, is designed to break the client’s addiction cycle and replace destructive behaviors with healing mechanisms. The client will be surrounded by positive mentors and peers who will encourage and guide them through the healing process.


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Trauma-Focused Program

All of Corner Canyon’s mental health recovery programs were built on the foundation of trauma-focused care. Every aspect of our treatment center has been designed to provide our clients with an emotionally safe and comfortable environment. Addictions and trauma are most effectively treated in programs structured by trauma-informed care. We provide comfortable rooms, delicious healthy food, and health-promoting activities to make our clients feel at home.


MRI brain scan being examined by doctor

Brain Balancing

Corner Canyon Recovery utilizes Neuroenhancement Brain Technology to increase improvement in client’s treatment areas. This recovery program utilizes sophisticated brain-scanning technology which allows our specialists to identify neurotransmitter imbalances, physical concerns, hormonal problems, and nutritional deficiencies, among other conerns. This data helps us fully understand the client’s needs and tailor their treatment programs individually, and the intervention process that follows the brain scans aids clients in returning to health and wellness, aside our clinical and other treatment programs.


abstract image of the gut-brain connection

Gut-Brain Connection

Scientific evidence now suggests that the microbiota–gut–brain axis is involved in a variety of neurological and psychiatric conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and addiction. Improving your diet, adding supplements like probiotics, and understanding the connection between the stomach biota and brain function can help overcome these conditions.


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