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Corner Canyon Recovery is uniquely positioned to support and treat the LGBTQI+ community suffering from addiction, depression, and related mental health issues. Some of our leadership personnel are gay or lesbian and all of our staff receive ongoing training about gender and sexual identity concerns. We have an emotionally safe environment and provide access to the University of Utah’s Transgender Program, an excellent program offering hormone treatment, surgery options and legal advice.

Corner Canyon Recovery has a policy of inclusion and safety for the LGBTQI+ community members who suffer from addiction and co-occurring diagnoses. All treatment team members are trained in sensitivity, awareness, and emotional support, and we have ongoing specialized trainings with outside experts. LGBTQI+ issues and trauma can be a primary treatment area, frequently they underlie addiction to substances and behaviors. Even if clients don’t feel like they have concerns in this area we have an environment that is comfortable and emotionally and physically safe for all clients.

If you or a loved one are part of this community and are seeking LGBTQI+ mental health treatment, call us today.



LGBTQI+ Rehab Center

People who identify as LGBTQI+ are at a higher risk of falling into addiction and abusing substances. An estimated 25-30% of people who identify as LGBTQI+ abuse substances and are on a continuum of addiction, compared to 9-15% of people who do not. There are many possible reasons for this, including discrimination or stigmatization, rejection from family members or friends, internalized homophobia, emotional abuse, threats, or hate crimes.  Depression, Anxiety, high levels of stress, and self-harm are common responses to these, and drugs and/or alcohol can seem to help the pain that these experiences create, often leading to addiction.

At Corner Canyon Recovery we provide individualized mental health treatment for all clients, and can help LGBTQI+ clients address any of these concerns. We also provide access to the University of Utah’s Transgender Program to help provide individuals with hormone treatment, surgical options, and legal advice. Our LGBTQI+ treatment center is here to help every individual overcome struggles and obstacles that we all face in an environment free of judgment and prejudice. Talk to a specialist today to get started on the path to recovery.




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