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Corner Canyon Recovery is innovative and seeks to provide adult clients with the most effective treatment options possible, proven by research and/or by personal experiences, to improve and change lives in ways that other treatment programs cannot. In addition to the carefully designed treatment program, implemented by caring, intelligent, and well-trained personnel, Corner Canyon implements the following cutting-edge additions to programming:

Vitanya – Brain Balancing Technology

Corner Canyon offers Brain Balancing Technology, partnering with Vitanya. Brain Balancing is a new technology that assesses the entire brain, testing for responses from up to 50,000 elements/states, including varied areas from trauma symptoms to hormones to difficulty with a physical problem like L5 in the vertebrae, and to belief states like anger, distrust or hope.  After identifying areas where the neurotransmitters are not communicating optimally, structured electrical impulses are sent back in to stimulate the brain cells, helping to heal the brain, develop new, healthy neural pathways, and balance brain chemicals, hormones, and mental, emotional, and physical states.  The electrical stimulation is non-invasive and clients do not feel it.   Vitanya treats PTSD symptoms related to trauma, our pre and post studies show a 51% reduction in trauma symptoms. It also treats depression, anxiety, ADHD and autism, damage to the brain done by substance abuse, memory problems, and many other conditions. Our clients are reporting improvements in sleep, trauma responses, depression and anxiety, chronic pain reduction, ADHD, cravings, and other brain-based problems.

Pharmacogenetic DNA Testing

Corner Canyon also uses Geneus Pharmacogenetic DNA testing to aid by assessing the correct medications for clients. Often people who come in for treatment have tried medications which didn’t work for them, or have significant side effects, and become discouraged about medication in general. Some clients have not been on medications but could benefit from them. Sometimes clients are on the wrong medication and need to be tapered off of them for elimination of side effects and optimal functioning. Corner Canyon uses Pharmacogenetic testing to quickly establish which medications are appropriate for clients, which enables us to get them on the correct medications, and adjusted to and stabilized on them under our supervision. This improves outcomes and reduces the likelihood of relapse because clients feel better.

Gut-Brain Connection

Corner Canyon Recovery’s approach to the food we serve is consistent with the new research and understanding about how what we eat influences how we feel.  The stomach produces 90% of our Serotonin and 50% of our Dopamine, both neurotransmitters that make us feel good and “normal”.  The usual American diet consists of a lot of processed foods, and people with addiction sometimes don’t eat much at all, and both lead to an insufficient amount of good bacteria in the stomach, which means the brain doesn’t get what it needs. See Gut-Brain Connection.  Our delicious chef-prepared meals are filled with healthy grains, vegetables, lean protein, fruit, nuts, and other fresh healthy ingredients.  In addition, we offer probiotics to ensure clients get what they need to create an optimal stomach biome.

Massage Therapy

massage therapy

Corner Canyon provides deep tissue and other forms of massage therapy to all clients weekly. Massage aids in releasing toxins so that clients can recover more quickly, and it is also part of our Trauma Focused care. Some clients who have experienced physical or sexual abuse in the past are not comfortable with touch by others, and massage therapy can be a safe exposure to healthy touch. One study, for example said, “Body-oriented therapy in recovery from child sexual abuse: an efficacy study,” found that massage supported psychological and physical well-being and body connection. Massage helps clients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as they are always in a heightened state of anxiety, because it helps release neurotransmitters like serotonin, which helps with overall feelings of calm and contentedness, which helps clients in accessing treatment they are experiencing and improves overall health and wellness. Massage therapy is an impactful addition to an overall treatment plan for clients who suffer from PTSD.

DNA Testing for Addiction

Geneus has also developed a DNA Test for Addiction which assesses a client’s predisposition for addictive, compulsive, and impulsive behaviors. Geneus developed the GARS test (Genetic Addiction Risk Score) to help people understand their genetic predisposition toward substance and non-substance craving behaviors. This collection of harmful and challenging behaviors is encompassed by the term “Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS), which clients choose as ways of increasing Dopamine, an important neurotransmitter which mediates how we experience pleasure, contentment, reward, and joy. Dopamine gives “salience” to behaviors directly connected to our species centered survival drive, e.g., eating, copulation, and hydration, to name a few. Recent research shows that up to 30% of the US population have a genetically predisposed “dopamine deficiency” and are at increased risk for developing addictive disease, or other significant brain disorders including: anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, stress-related disorders, pathological gambling, sexual compulsions, hedonic overeating (pleasure seeking), obesity, and more.

After this assessment, done with a simple cheek swab, Geneus produces a 15-20 page individualized report highlighting which genetic variants a person has, which predisposes them to certain substances and behaviors. The more variants a person has that lead to certain substance addiction, the more likely addiction is to occur to that substance. Part of the report recommends specific milligrams of supplements to regulate dopamine and other brain chemicals through neuro-nutrients that address the deficiencies and decrease substance and non-substance behaviors and cravings.

Corner Canyon’s diet is also designed to provide neuro-nutrients, however we realize that most clients will have a difficult time eating this kind of healthy diet once they complete treatment and leave Corner Canyon’s environment, and these supplements provide ongoing support to the brain and dopamine regulation. The report below is a typical client’s predisposition towards certain substances and behaviors. The person scored a 10 out of a possible 22 variants. Note that a predisposition towards something does not mean the person will develop it…this client would not have developed alcoholism if they had never taken a drink. Some people will also use their deficiencies to create meaningful lives. This client has used their predisposition, “Novelty Seeking”, to create businesses, create rewarding stimulus (the development of systems and processes), and hiring people to do the routine “boring” work that also has to be done in any business once the systems are developed.

Understanding what we are predisposed to genetically can help us avoid the substances and seek other ways to increase dopamine, through diet and probiotic supplements, and by choosing positive behaviors that “feed” the dopamine deficiencies. In addition, understanding that we have a genetic predisposition towards a drug or behavior reduces the stigma society attaches to these since it makes it apparent that it is not a “moral failing” or that the person is “bad”. It’s in black and white that the person was born with these concerns.

This information also helps reduce denial in clients. A person who might say “I just had a rough year in my work and relationship and was drinking/drugging to help manage the stress” can see that even if it was a hard time the addiction is likely to continue to grow if the person continues using the dysfunctional coping mechanisms of addiction.

Example of a Geneus Report


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