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Corner Canyon Recovery is innovative and provides our adult clients with the most effective treatment options available for their individual concerns. Our inpatient program strives to improve and change lives in ways that other treatment programs can’t. In addition to our carefully designed treatment program, implemented by caring, intelligent, and well-trained personnel, Corner Canyon has added many current research validated modalities to improve treatment outcomes. These include DNA testing, Neuro Enhancement Brain Technology, the Gut-Brain Diet, IV Therapies, the SGB shot, and Biomarker testing for abnormal biochemistry leading to chronic pain. Learn more about our unique program and get help today.



Corner Canyon uses Pharmacogenetic DNA testing to aid in assessing the correct medications for clients. Often clients who come in for treatment have tried medications that didn’t work for them, or have experienced significant side effects, and become discouraged about medication in general. Corner Canyon uses pharmacogenetic testing to quickly establish which medications are appropriate or inappropriate for clients, which enables us to get them on the correct medications, help them adjust to them, and stabilize under our supervision before resuming their lives after treatment. This improves outcomes and reduces the likelihood of relapse.

We also use a DNA Test for Addiction which assesses a client’s genetic predisposition for addictive, compulsive, and impulsive behaviors. It identifies the genetic variants a client has, what substances they are likely to abuse, and personality traits that typically go along with their variants. These predispositions are not facts, only suggestive of what might develop in a client under the right environmental situations. For example, if a client with genetic predispositions towards using alcohol never drinks alcohol, they will not become an alcoholic. We use this test to help clients and their families address stigma and denial, and to plan relapse prevention once they complete inpatient treatment.


Corner Canyon offers non invasive Brain Assessment and Intervention to our clients, using technology that is capable of assessing the entire brain, testing for biocommunication responses from up to 50,000 elements/states. These include varied areas from trauma symptoms to hormones, to physical problems like thyroid, vertebrae, and nutrition, or brain problems like learning disabilities, ADHD, and TBI, and to belief states like anger, distrust, or hope. After identifying areas where the neurotransmitters are not communicating optimally, structured mild electrical impulses stimulate the brain cells, helping to heal the brain, develop new and healthy neural pathways, and balance brain chemicals, hormones, and mental, emotional, and physical states. This intervention supports reduction in PTSD symptoms related to trauma, like depression, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, and insomnia, and our pre and post studies show a 51% reduction in trauma symptoms. It also supports improvements in other mood disorders, autism, memory problems, damage to the brain by substance abuse, and many other conditions. The software will also indicate the limits of this intervention and make suggestions about further treatment options to continue progress in individual areas. Our clients are reporting improvements in sleep, trauma responses, depression and anxiety, chronic pain reduction, ADHD and impulsivity, cravings, and many other brain-based problems.



Corner Canyon Recovery’s approach to the food we serve is consistent with the new research and understanding about how what we eat influences how we feel and function. The stomach produces 90% of our serotonin and 50% of our dopamine, both neurotransmitters that make us feel good and “normal”, in addition to performing many functions that lead to improved mental and physical health. The typical American diet consists of a lot of processed foods, and people with addiction sometimes don’t eat much at all. Both lead to an insufficient amount of good bacteria in the stomach, which means the brain and body don’t get what they need in multiple areas. Our delicious chef-prepared meals are filled with healthy grains, vegetables, lean protein, fruit, nuts, and other fresh healthy ingredients, oriented around a Mediteranian diet, which works to improve health in many ways. These foods include prebiotics and probiotics, and we also offer supplements with probiotics to ensure clients get what they need to create an optimal stomach biome. Our chef also teaches workshops to assist clients in understanding the fundamentals of healthy eating and how to plan for and prepare delicious, healthy foods.



Corner Canyon works with each client to determine how best to help them resolve therapeutic, medical, and psychiatric concerns to improve and maintain gains. Some of the options we provide include SGB shots for PTSD, NAD and Amino Acid IV Therapy, and Biomarker Assessment for Chronic Pain.

SGB Shot treats PTSD effectively

Veterans Administration Study

Corner Canyon Recovery offers the Stellate Ganglion Block to clients with PTSD symptoms: A recent Veteran’s Administration study demonstrates efficacy of a long acting anesthetic injected into the stellate ganglion nerve plexus in the neck. Veterans with PTSD had a statistically significant reduction in trauma symptoms. We believe a quick reduction in trauma symptoms helps clients feel better sooner, benefit from our treatment more successfully throughout their stay with us, and develop symptom management skills for when they finish treatment. Our outcome studies in the past indicate a 51% drop in trauma symptoms due to our other treatment interventions and we are looking forward to assessing the additional efficacy of SGB shots for our clients with trauma.


NAD is a naturally occurring co-enzyme. When we are young we have plenty of NAD but as we age NAD levels decrease significantly and by the time we are 40 years old we only have 50% of what our body needs. Any prolonged use of substances, poor nutrition, stress or poor health will drop levels even lower.

NAD is critical for our cells as it is the key component that our mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) use to create ATP ( energy). It also helps regulate gene expression. It has been used since the 1970s for addiction treatment and is shown to have a profound effect on decreasing or even stopping cravings. It also helps with all detox symptoms and helps people become whole on a cellular level which is critical for replenishing neurotransmitters, thus helping prevent relapse. NAD is gaining traction as we have become aware of all the things it can do for general health and wellness, and recently the anti-aging industry has discovered the benefits of NAD.

NAD can do the following: clear brain fog, increase energy, improve sleep quality, improve memory and concentration, improve metabolism, repair the microbiome, replenish neurotransmitters (serotonin and dopamine) which improves mood, help with detox symptoms, reduce neuropathic pain, help the body mitigate inflammation, and prevent DNA damage, helping us feel better and look and feel younger.


Amino acids form proteins and perform multiple functions throughout the body. 20 amino acids make up the body’s proteins, and nine are  “essential.” Essential amino acids are the ones that the body cannot produce on its own and therefore must be sourced from the diet.

Amino acids are necessary for sustenance of life, and in addition studies have shown amino acids to help with weight management, enhance immune function, promote muscle strength, and improve antioxidant activity. Recent research has found amino acids to be significant players in the central nervous system—impacting the development of neurons during various phases in the lifespan and helping to repair damage that has occurred.

Amino acid IV therapy for addiction is designed to rapidly assist the addicted brain and body in restoring neuroreceptor function to normal levels. Once the body’s neuroreceptor functions have been repaired, the patient’s cravings, depression, and anxiety are reduced or eliminated.  Alcohol and drugs damage the nervous system by artificially stimulating neurotransmitter receptors. This continually increased stimulation eventually dulls the receptors, and causes the addicted person to need sustained or increased use of substances, just to function and feel normal. When one cuts down a number of drugs or alcohol or stops completely, the receptors may heal completely with time, but often they do not. This leads to symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog, emptiness, physical pain, depression, lack of motivation and insomnia.  Amino Acid IV Therapy can significantly improve client’s physical and mental health and increase their response to treatment, in addition to helping to prevent relapse.


Chronic pain can contribute to addiction and mental health concerns.  Abnormal biochemistry can cause or worsen chronic pain and can be identified and addressed.  Corner Canyon uses a biomarker panel for Neurotransmitter Status, Chronic Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Nerve Health to guide our medical team in addressing chronic pain that some clients may experience..

Neurotransmitters are responsible for controlling the transmission of pain signals.  An abnormal neurotransmitter status can lead to a heightened perception of pain.  Chronic Inflammation is a silent state of inflammation that is responsible for the development and progression of various chronic diseases including chronic pain.  Oxidative Stress contributes to the development of hyperalgesia which is an abnormally heightened sensitivity to pain.  Nerve health.  Injured or damaged nerves in the body’s extremities can lead to the development and worsening of painful peripheral neuropathies.  

Addiction and mental health concerns can be caused or exaggerated by chronic pain, and assessing and treating it can help our clients feel better, improve treatment outcomes, and support them in preventing relapse.




Corner Canyon provides a unique healing experience. We combine a research validated, innovative approach to assessment and treatment with our comprehensive, caring, individualized, creative and comfortable residential program. Our goal is to help our clients achieve long term addiction and mental health recovery success using every effective method we can find and validate. Our approach is different from other treatment programs and we enjoy watching our clients evolve mentally, emotionally, and physically into healthy people who are well prepared to resume or create productive and happy personal and professional lives. To learn more and get started, contact us today!

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