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Corner Canyon Recovery is innovative and seeks to provide adult clients with the most effective treatment options possible, proven by research and/or by personal experiences, to improve and change lives in ways that other treatment programs cannot. In addition to the carefully designed treatment program, implemented by caring, intelligent, and well-trained personnel, Corner Canyon implements the following cutting-edge additions to programming:

Vitanya – Brain Balancing Technology

Corner Canyon offers Brain Balancing Technology, partnering with a company named Vitanya. Brain Balancing is a combination of neurofeedback integrated with a new technology that assesses the brain, testing for responses from up to 50,000 elements/states, and sends structured electrical impulses back in to help heal the brain, develop new, healthy neural pathways, and balance brain chemicals, hormones, mind and physical states, and nutritional needs (including specific supplements that address the gut-brain connection). This program was developed to help veterans and first responders with PTSD, and it treats trauma-based problems and damage to the brain done by substance abuse. Our clients are reporting improvements in sleep, trauma responses, depression and anxiety, chronic pain reduction, allergies, ADHD, cravings, and other brain-based problems.

Previdence – Artificial Intelligence

Corner Canyon is beginning to work with Previdence, a company that uses Artificial Intelligence to process therapeutic data collected weekly and gives feedback to the therapist about specific, research-validated therapy modalities that are proven to work with the symptoms the client is presenting with, directing individualized treatment for all clients. They have been working with the Department of Defense for 6 years and have reduced suicide rates by 64%. Previdence identifies mental illness and the potential harm it may cause by appraising the mental health of an individual through evidence-based psychological assessments. Previdence uses established treatment protocols to generate a treatment plan. Previdence then monitors and reports the treatment progress towards mental wellness.

Pharmacogenetic and DNA Testing For Addiction

Corner Canyon also uses Geneus and their Pharmacogenetic DNA testing for Addiction to aid clients in assessing the correct medications for clients and their predisposition for addictive, compulsive, and impulsive behaviors. They developed the GARS test (Genetic Addiction Risk Score) to help people understand their genetic predisposition toward substance and non-substance craving behaviors. This collection of harmful and challenging behaviors is encompassed by the term “Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS). After this assessment, done with a simple cheek swab, Geneus recommends specific milligrams of supplements to regulate dopamine and other brain chemicals through neuro-nutrients that decrease substance and non-substance behaviors and cravings.”

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