What Makes Our Inpatient Program in Utah Different

Our Unique Programming

Corner Canyon Recovery is innovative and seeks to provide our adult clients with the most effective treatment options possible that are proven by research and/or by personal experiences. Our inpatient program in Utah strives to improve and change lives in ways that other treatment programs cannot. In addition to the carefully designed treatment program, implemented by caring, intelligent, and well-trained personnel, Corner Canyon implements cutting-edge additions to our programming. With offerings like DNA testing, Vitanya brain balancing technology, and our approach to the gut-brain connection, we are able to help and treat our clients successfully. Learn more about our unique offerings and get help today.

Genetic Testing for Addiction

Corner Canyon uses Geneus Pharmacogenetic DNA testing to aid in assessing the correct medications for clients. Often clients who come in for treatment have tried medications that didn’t work for them, or have significant side effects, and become discouraged about medication in general. Corner Canyon uses pharmacogenetic testing to quickly establish which medications are appropriate for clients, which enables us to get them on the correct medications, as well as help them adjust to and stabilize under our supervision before resuming their lives after treatment. This improves outcomes and reduces the likelihood of relapse. Geneus has also developed a DNA Test for Addiction which assesses a client’s predisposition for addictive, compulsive, and impulsive behaviors. Geneus developed the GARS test (Genetic Addiction Risk Score) to help people understand their genetic predisposition toward substance and non-substance craving behaviors.

A woman attending the inpatient program in Utah.

Vitanya Brain Balancing Technology

Corner Canyon offers Brain Balancing Technology, through our partnership with Vitanya. Brain Balancing is a new technology that assesses the entire brain by testing for responses from up to 50,000 elements/states, including varied areas from trauma symptoms to hormones, to belief states like anger, distrust, or hope, and to physical problems like thyroid, vertebrae, or nutrition, or brain problems like learning disabilities.  After identifying areas where the neurotransmitters are not communicating optimally, structured electrical impulses are sent back in to stimulate the brain cells helping to heal the brain, develop new and healthy neural pathways, and balance brain chemicals, hormones, and mental, emotional, and physical states. Vitanya treats PTSD symptoms related to trauma and our pre and post studies show a 51% reduction in trauma symptoms. It also treats depression, anxiety, ADHD and autism, as well as damage to the brain done by substance abuse, memory problems, and many other conditions. Our clients are reporting improvements in sleep, trauma responses, depression and anxiety, chronic pain reduction, ADHD, cravings, and other brain-based problems.

Gut-Brain Connection

Corner Canyon Recovery’s approach to the food we serve is consistent with the new research and understanding about how what we eat influences how we feel. The stomach produces 90% of our serotonin and 50% of our dopamine, both neurotransmitters that make us feel good and “normal.” The usual American diet consists of a lot of processed foods, and people with addiction sometimes don’t eat much at all. Both lead to an insufficient amount of good bacteria in the stomach, which means the brain doesn’t get what it needs. Our delicious chef-prepared meals are filled with healthy grains, vegetables, lean protein, fruit, nuts, and other fresh healthy ingredients. In addition, we offer probiotics to ensure clients get what they need to create an optimal stomach biome.


A group attending an addiction recovery program in Utah.

Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Programs in Utah

With a variety of treatments such as experiential therapy and our aforementioned programs, we provide a unique healing experience. Our mental health and addiction recovery programs in Utah are designed to take a different approach to recovery that helps our clients achieve success. While our approach may seem different, we utilize these methods due to fact-based research and past successes. To learn more and get started, contact us today!

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