Group Therapy Clinic

Group Therapy

Group Therapy has been proven to be the most effective therapy intervention, followed by Family Therapy, and last by Individual Therapy. Corner Canyon Recovery utilizes group therapy to effect change and help clients form lasting connections. The effectiveness of group therapy in the treatment of substance abuse can be attributed to the nature of addiction and several factors associated with it, including depression and anxiety, isolation, denial, shame, temporary cognitive impairment, and character pathology (personality disorder, structural deficits, or an unintegrated sense of self). Whether a person abuses substances or not, these problems often respond better to group treatment than to individual therapy (Kanas 1982; Kanas and Barr 1983). Group therapy is also effective because people are fundamentally relational creatures. Corner Canyon utilizes:

  • Psychoeducational groups, which teach about substance abuse and it’s effect on the brain and physical and mental health.
  • Skills development groups, which develop the skills necessary to break free of addictions.
  • Cognitive–behavioral groups, which rearrange patterns of thinking and action that lead to addiction.
  • Support groups, which comprise a forum where members can point out each other’s excuses and support constructive change.
  • Interpersonal process group psychotherapy or “process groups”, which enable clients to recreate their pasts in the here‐and‐now of the group and rethink the relational and other life problems that they have previously avoided by using addictive substances.


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