Relational Therapy

At Corner Canyon Recovery, our therapists use relational therapy to understand the client’s unique experience in the social or relational context. Together the client and therapist create a new relationship which is strengthening, supportive, and enlivening for the client, in addition to providing intervention which helps to effect change. Within this secure relationship, the client can safely re-experience and then find freedom from the effects of destructive experiences in both the past and present.

Family Systems

Family systems therapy looks at the emotional structure of the family as an emotional unit. We employ a systems thinking model, which evaluates the parts of a system in relation to the whole. When systems thinking is applied to families, it suggests behavior that is often both informed by and inseparable from the functioning of one’s family of origin. It also holds that the family is in a state of equilibrium, even if non-functional, and that change by one member of the family leads to change by other family members. Our family healing program includes a family assessment, family weekends, family communication therapy, and more.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a client-centered model of counseling. In other words, the focus is on figuring out what clients want, not what the counselor thinks is best for them. This requires high levels of empathy, reflective listening, and the ability to form a strong bond with the client in a short period of time. Motivational Interviewing is shown to be effective not only in clients who have voluntarily sought treatment but also in those who have been required to complete inpatient addiction rehab as part of a legal settlement or have been pressured into it by loved ones.

Assertive Communication

Assertive communication skills help clients express themselves clearly and identify their emotional states, leading to reduced stress, improved coping skills, and greater self-esteem. ‘I feel’ statements, reflective listening, and assertive communication skills are taught and practiced daily so that clients leave with concrete skills to make a difference in their lives with loved ones.

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