Building a Sense of Belonging While Depressed

Many people become depressed because they feel like they do not fit in anywhere. They can have black and white thinking in that if they do not have any friends or are not close with their family, they cannot fit in anywhere. There is always somewhere for you to belong as long as you are […]

What Are Some Behavioral Addictions?

We commonly associate addiction with dependence on drugs and alcohol, but as addicts we know that any substance or behavior can become addictive for us. We can use anything to try and self-medicate our mental health issues, to numb our pain and cope with the demands of our lives. When we are trying to escape […]

How Do We Know When We Are Forming A Dependence?

Many of us will have a long history with substance use before ever realizing that we have developed a dependence. We might not feel we have a problem with it, until over time we’ve begun to abuse the substances we’ve been using to help ourselves cope. Substance abuse and dependence can sometimes take us by […]

Changing Our Limiting Beliefs Around Addiction

As we’re working to heal, one of the best things we can do for ourselves is change our limiting beliefs around our addictions, our ability to heal and our identity as addicts. When we’re struggling with addiction, we tend to believe that we aren’t strong enough to heal. We don’t think we’re capable of doing […]

What Are Some Warning Signs of Addiction in Children?

Alcohol and drug use are rampant in our culture, and overusing and abusing them are popularized and glamorized every day by our mainstream media and entertainment outlets. Young people are brainwashed into thinking that substance abuse represents coolness, popularity and likeability. Young people are experimenting at younger and younger ages, being pressured and influenced by […]

Setting Boundaries in Our Recovery

Some of the most important work we do in our recovery is the work we do around setting boundaries in our relationships. As we’re working to heal, we have to decide what boundaries we need to have with certain people in our lives, then implement and maintain those boundaries consistently and with conviction. Setting boundaries […]

How to Build Self-Respect

The healing journey requires that we love, respect and accept ourselves. When we can’t show ourselves appreciation or acknowledge our worth, we’re not at peace within ourselves, we’re not aligned with ourselves, and we’re not being true to ourselves. We can’t hope to heal if we don’t respect ourselves. We can’t fulfill our purpose or […]

Maintaining Relationships in Recovery

As we are working to recover, one of the many lessons we learn is the importance of maintaining relationships. When addiction had a hold of our psyches, and our lives, many of us had a tendency to prioritize our addictive lifestyles and drugs of choice over our relationships. Some of our loved ones may have […]

What Purpose Did Our Addictions Serve?

A powerful way of healing from our addictions is to examine what purposes our drugs of choice were serving so that we can find healthy replacements for them. Very often we use our addictive substances, behaviors and relationships as coping mechanisms for our mental and emotional pain. It is possible to discover other ways to […]

What Helps An Addictive Behavior?

A person who engages in addictive behavior continues to participate in an activity such as drug or alcohol use, work, exercise, compulsive gambling and shopping, sex, or eating disorders, despite negative consequences. According to Ruth C. Engs, RN, EdD, Applied Health Science, Indiana University, “Any activity, substance, object, or behavior that has become the major […]