Misunderstood Symptoms of Depression

People seem to think that if someone says they are depressed, it just means that they are simply sad. Unfortunately, sometimes it may take having depression to truly understand what it means. Having a better understanding of depression will give you better sympathy if you ever meet anyone who has depression and will know what […]

Preventing a Panic Attack at Work

Having a panic attack is when your anxiety causes you to think that you are having a heart attack and that you will die when it is really just your anxiety flaring up. You may have had an anxiety attack during work after receiving your work performance review or an approaching deadline that you are […]

What Does It Mean to Involuntarily Hospitalize Someone For Mental Illness?

Involuntary hospitalization is when you force someone to receive inpatient treatment for a mental health disorder against their will. It may be a very hard thing for you to do to force someone to stay in a facility when they feel like there is nothing wrong with them. If you know that your loved one […]

How Does Tetris Relieve PTSD Symptoms?

Tetris is a tile stacking puzzle game where you manipulate the movement of how the tiles stack against each other so that they can form a line to eliminate. People who have post-traumatic stress disorder suffer through flashbacks of a traumatic event, making them constantly relive that painful experience. Studies have shown that Tetris can […]

What are Important Reasons to Talk About Your Trauma?

It can be very painful to revisit a traumatic memory. Many are afraid to talk about them in fear of reliving the same pain that you felt when it felt happened. By speaking to others about your trauma, you will feel a huge weight has been lifted and that you found someone to confide in […]

Taraji P. Henson Talks About Her Anxiety and Depression

Actress Taraji P. Henson’s career is going pretty well as she is currently on Fox’s biggest show, “Empire,” and starred in the hit film “What Men Want.” Henson recently spoke to People Magazine about her ongoing treatment with her anxiety and depression. By speaking about her struggles with mental health, Henson is helping to break […]

How You Can Tell Your Anxiety Comes From Family History

You know that if you have plenty of relatives who have struggled with their anxiety or depression, there is a good chance that you will have the same thing. The environment can play a factor as well if your parents tend to respond to everything with anxiety, making you become just as anxious in return. […]

How is Trauma Linked with Depression?

Going through tragedies such as a sudden death, sexual assault, surviving a war or terrorist attack, a shooting, a disaster, and others can bring about depression. It can make you see how tragic the world can really be as well as give you nightmares, flashbacks, or even post-traumatic stress disorder. What Are the Symptoms of […]

FDA Approves Zulresso for Postpartum Depression Treatment

Postpartum depression is when mothers face depression after giving birth, which can be treated by antidepressants which take six to eight weeks to work and do not work for everyone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 400,000 women face postpartum depression and many do nothing to treat it in fear of the […]

How Can You Be There For Someone Going Through Trauma?

It can be a big deal for someone going through trauma to want to open up to you. You may not know what to do or say if you have never been through trauma yourself. It is important to listen to what your friend has to say and be there for them in any way […]