What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Those of us living with addiction are also often struggling with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). What is PTSD and how does it affect us? Our mental illnesses affect each […]

Gratitude Practice for Anxiety

One thing many of us with addiction and mental illness have in common is our tendency to suffer from anxiety. We can be consumed with worrying, overthinking and trying to control things. We can have high expectations for outcomes, for the things we’re dealing with, for the people in our lives, and we try to […]

Why is Self-Compassion Better Than Self-Judgment?

Self-compassion is a healthier coping skill we can use to replace our very harmful habits of self-judgment and self-deprecation. Being kind to ourselves, patient, understanding and forgiving with ourselves and our mistakes will yield far better results than beating ourselves up ever could. When you mess up, as we often do, remind yourself that you […]

How Can We Mindfully Work with Shame?

Many of us carry our shame and our feelings of unworthiness for much of our lives. We stay closely attached to them, we identify with them, and we have a hard time letting them go. We start to identify as being shameful people. We feel inadequate, inferior, undeserving and unworthy. We allow our shame to […]

Dealing with Toxic People in Our Lives

As we’re working to recover, one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our mental health is learn how to handle the toxic people in our lives. Many of us feel that our addictive behaviors and mental illnesses are compounded by the stress we experience in our relationships. We have partnerships, […]

How Did We Learn to Hate Ourselves?

One of the most destructive and debilitating emotions we have to heal from when living with addiction and mental illness is our self-hatred. Where did our self-hate come from? Where did we learn to hate ourselves? Why are we so insecure and down on ourselves? Why do we feel so inadequate and inferior? We have […]

How Can We Use Mindfulness for Our Anxiety?

Mindfulness is the practice of developing our conscious awareness in everything we do. When we are mindful, we’re becoming more conscious of our every thought, feeling and action. We give more thought to our intentions and our choices. Mindfulness can help us to cope with all of our mental and emotional challenges because it helps […]

Signs We Don’t Respect Ourselves

We associate the recovery process with tackling our addictions and working to get sober. Within that process is the very important work of building our self-love and repairing our self-respect. Our addictions and mental health issues have contributed to the destructive patterns of mistreating ourselves, devaluing and demeaning ourselves, and not acknowledging our worth. We […]

How Do Addiction and Mental Illness Affect Us Similarly?

Mental health issues are often referred to as co-occurring disorders that manifest alongside our addictions. How do the two illnesses affect us similarly? What are some of the symptoms and causes that are the same for both? With both addiction and mental illness, we can experience deep sadness and fear. We can feel intense anxiety, […]

Identifying and Clearing Limiting Beliefs

Our addictions and mental health issues are fueled by our thought patterns, and among them, our limiting beliefs can be the most detrimental. We can be overpowered, controlled, restricted, even debilitated by them. We believe we’re not good enough. We believe we’re inferior to other people. We believe we’re destined for failure. We believe we’re […]