Enlisting Support in Recovery

Much of the work we do in recovery is independent work we have to do on our own. We have to dig deep, do some intense soul-searching, and examine our patterns and cycles with honesty, openness and transparency. We have to learn more about ourselves and increase our mindfulness and self-awareness. We have to confront […]

How Can We Apply Mindfulness to Help Us Overcome Addictive Urges?

Practicing mindfulness helps us to develop our awareness, our understanding, our intuition and our strength around any particular issue. One of the most difficult challenges that will arise in our recovery is the temptation we feel around our drugs of choice and the addictive urges that hit us. We can feel powerless to withstand them. […]

Dealing with Toxic People in Our Lives

As we’re working to recover, one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our mental health is learn how to handle the toxic people in our lives. Many of us feel that our addictive behaviors and mental illnesses are compounded by the stress we experience in our relationships. We have partnerships, […]

How Does Self-Judgment Impact Relapse?

Through our recovery work, we learn that being judgmental with ourselves and down on ourselves only makes us feel worse about ourselves and more insecure, causing us to be more likely to turn to our addictions to make ourselves feel better. Our feelings of security, stability, groundedness and centeredness are all fragile when we’re working […]

How to Build Self-Respect

The healing journey requires that we love, respect and accept ourselves. When we can’t show ourselves appreciation or acknowledge our worth, we’re not at peace within ourselves, we’re not aligned with ourselves, and we’re not being true to ourselves. We can’t hope to heal if we don’t respect ourselves. We can’t fulfill our purpose or […]

What Purpose Did Our Addictions Serve?

A powerful way of healing from our addictions is to examine what purposes our drugs of choice were serving so that we can find healthy replacements for them. Very often we use our addictive substances, behaviors and relationships as coping mechanisms for our mental and emotional pain. It is possible to discover other ways to […]

How Supporting Others Helps Our Own Recovery

Those of us living with addiction know just how isolating our illness can be. We find ourselves distancing ourselves from the people we care about. Our relationships can be damaged, estranged, even destroyed as a result. Our isolation can exacerbate our depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, and when we don’t reach out to […]

How Do Addiction and Mental Illness Affect Us Similarly?

Mental health issues are often referred to as co-occurring disorders that manifest alongside our addictions. How do the two illnesses affect us similarly? What are some of the symptoms and causes that are the same for both? With both addiction and mental illness, we can experience deep sadness and fear. We can feel intense anxiety, […]

Why Do Mental Illnesses Co-Occur Alongside Addiction?

When we’re living with addiction and mental illness, we’re often not conscious of the deeply rooted issues at the core of our mental and emotional challenges. We know we’re in pain, we know we’re suffering, but we’re not sure why. We haven’t yet traced our difficulties back to the traumatic experiences we endured. We haven’t […]

The Importance of Relationships in Recovery

It is very common for those of us living with addiction and mental illness to develop patterns of isolating ourselves, separating ourselves from our loved ones, and even ending relationships that are important to us. We isolate when we’re depressed because we feel too down and anxious to engage with other people. Many of us […]