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MRI brain scan being examined by doctorCorner Canyon has added an innovative brain performance program to aid clients in healing the damage done by substance abuse and trauma. We partner with Vitanya, a brain technology company which uses modern science and technology to help clients begin the healing process. It can make a real difference in how quickly and thoroughly our clients heal. They get more out of treatment and are more prepared to resume a healthy lifestyle after they complete treatment.

Brain balancing is a combination of neurofeedback and new technology that assesses the brain and sends structured electrical impulses through the meridian system, used by acupuncture, to help heal the brain, develop healthy neural pathways, and balance brain chemicals, hormones, and nutrition. Vitanya adds vitamins, antioxidants, and stomach enzymes that address the gut-brain connection.

This program was developed originally as a brain performance company, but they quickly found that it led to significant improvement in veterans and first responders with PTSD, and it treats other trauma-based problems and damage to the brain done by substance abuse in addition to other conditions. Clients with anxiety, depression, and other PTSD issues report improvement and restoration to more normal states. Clients are sleeping more and deeper. Clients also report being able to focus more clearly on information presented in programming, leading to better understanding and treatment outcomes. Learn more about how brain balancing helps ADHD.

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Vitanya Brain Performance Program

Vitanya’s brain technology is designed to assess areas of the brain that are not communicating optimally through neurotransmitters to other areas of the brain and body. The lack of optimal communication may cause impairment of function and can lead to both psychological and physiological symptoms and deterioration. The assessment and subsequent neuro-guidance are conducted through an FDA cleared hand cradle (like a large metal mouse), utilizing galvanic skin response and connected to an extensive computer database. The enormous capacity of the software communication can test for up to 50,000 different states and allows for each performance program to be completely individualized for the client.

The sample report below is of a documented client who has had several traumatic experiences. The areas highlighted in bold indicate effects in the brain of these experiences, which are impacting the person’s feelings and beliefs about themselves and others as well as the quality of their life. Even effects like feeling disconnected from others and a drop in empathy and ability to forgive are likely to be results of the trauma.

Negative signs identify areas where the connections are under communicating and positive signs identify areas that are over communicating, or overcompensating, in an attempt to manage the less than optimally performing region. The goal of the assessment and subsequent neuro-guidance is to restore balance in the areas to optimize neurological performance. The neuro-guidance consists of subtle neuro-impulse output, through the hand, to the associated areas which support positive neuroplasticity and the creation of lasting neurological remodeling.

The program also includes a second technology which incorporates positive neuro-entrainment, and a vital nutritional component to separately address metabolic brain byproducts and toxins and support the 400-600 million neurological brain-gut connections.

As you can see, the brain scans are able to assess multiple areas of the brain and body, including emotional states, beliefs about the self and others, neurotransmitters, hormones, the vertebrae, organs like the pituitary gland and liver, and individual areas of the brain. A client with learning disabilities showed a negative score of -318 in Brodmann’s area 37, which is related to language and dyslexia. A visiting referral source who had a scan for educational purposes showed significant problems with the vertebrae in his back. He then pulled out his iPad and showed us his last MRI, which showed inflammation and problems in the identical areas Vitanya identified. Corner Canyon uses these scans in therapeutic work with clients as well, therapists can bring up identified concern areas for discussion with clients, who may or may not be aware of these beliefs and emotional states. One client, a 23-year-old body-builder, had been in 7 different previous treatment programs. His scan showed a body image problem, and when asked about it he said he had had an eating disorder as a young adolescent. He was asked if he had ever talked about this in treatment before and he said no.

Corner Canyon has seen many positive responses in clients who participate in Vitanya, including reductions in disabling anxiety, depression, and other PTSD symptoms including nightmares, startle reflex, and flashbacks. A veteran who had been a medic and experienced bombs going off around him while helping soldiers who were dying in his arms was able to sit through the July 4th fireworks without earplugs, experienced significant reductions in nightmares, improved sleep, and an improvement in his startle reflex. A client with Fibromyalgia experienced being able to go off an expensive medication for pain, mood, and mental clarity was able to cut her sleep medications in half and felt better than she had in years. Clients with learning disabilities report improved ability in focus, organization, and motivation academically, as well as a reduction in the anxiety experienced around academics. Vitanya also has an amazing effect on Autism and ADHD.

The Vitanya brain scans also measure pre and post-treatment results. For example, the average improvement in Trauma symptoms over the course of treatment at Corner Canyon is 51%. This includes the effects of our therapy process as well and is a good indication of how effective the combination of Vitanya and our treatment are. The improvement in clients lives is so significant that Vitanya is now included in our daily rate instead of being an option.

Brain Performance Results

“As far as day to day, I’ve noticed a reduction in nightmares, and better sleep, also, overall, loud noises or sudden movements that would normally startle me have been reduced, to a noticeable degree”  -Client, an Army Medic, halfway through the 90-day process.

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