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MRI brain scan being examined by doctorCorner Canyon has added an innovative brain technology to aid clients in healing the damage created by trauma, substance abuse, developmental problems, and lack of appropriate nutrition. Our brain technology uses rapidly advancing science and research to help clients accelerate the healing process. It can make a significant difference in how quickly and thoroughly our clients heal and Corner Canyon has been integrating it with programming since early 2018 after thoroughly vetting the technology and observing progress in clients as well as experiencing personal improvement when participating themselves. Clients get more out of treatment and are more prepared to resume a healthy lifestyle with the ongoing improvements in biocommunication taking place in their brains. To learn more about our innovative approach via brain technology for treatment, contact one of our experts at Corner Canyon Recovery.


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Neuro-Healing Therapy

Corner Canyon’s brain technology is designed to assess areas of the brain that are not communicating optimally through neurotransmitters to other areas of the brain and body, and use mild electrical impulses to stimulate the brain cells and improve this biocommunication. When neurotransmitter biocommunication is not working optimally, it may cause impairment of function and can lead to both psychological and physiological symptoms and dysfunction. The assessment and subsequent neuro-guidance are conducted non-invasively through a hand cradle (like a large metal mouse), utilizing galvanic skin response to “read” the biocommunication taking place. This hand cradle is connected to an extensive computer database, and the software communication can test for up to 50,000 different states, allowing for each program to be completely individualized for the client. Once problem areas are identified, structured electrical impulses are delivered non-invasively to help heal the brain, develop healthy new neural pathways, and balance neurotransmitters, hormones, and other elements critical to optimal functioning. Probiotics, antioxidants, and stomach enzymes address the gut-brain connection (link to gut-brain description) and its contributions to healthy brain functioning to improve results.

Clients with anxiety, depression, other PTSD problems like flashbacks, nightmares, and heightened startle reflex report significant improvement and restoration to more normal states. Clients are sleeping more and deeper within a week, it’s usually the first change they notice. Clients also report being able to focus more clearly on the information presented and experienced in programming, leading to better understanding, skill building, and treatment outcomes.
Protocol includes 3 phases of assessment and treatment, each 30 days, working with different problem areas, and can be completed remotely if necessary if the client has finished treatment.

This report, click below, is an initial scan on a client who had experienced sexual trauma as an adult.  You can see that she has concern areas in anxiety, flashbacks, distrust of others, and other areas typically associated with trauma.  While this scan is not diagnostic, our therapists can use these insights to guide questions while determining how to help clients, in addition to the intervention provided by the Neuro Enhancement.  Negative scores indicate an area that is underperforming in biocommunication, while positive scores indicate that that brain area is trying to compensate for an underperforming area.  The goals of intervention are to bring all scores to a center point, essentially balancing the brain so it can work optimally

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