How to Restore Faith in Ourselves

When we’ve been living with addiction and mental illness, one of the things we lose is our faith in ourselves. How can we restore our sense of self? How can we start believing in ourselves again? Having faith in ourselves means also having faith in our recovery. Without it, we may always be subconsciously sabotaging […]

How Can We Mindfully Work with Shame?

Many of us carry our shame and our feelings of unworthiness for much of our lives. We stay closely attached to them, we identify with them, and we have a hard time letting them go. We start to identify as being shameful people. We feel inadequate, inferior, undeserving and unworthy. We allow our shame to […]

Finding Healthy Replacement Coping Skills

When we start to analyze ourselves and our addictions more closely, we’re able to gain more understanding around what purposes our addictions were serving in our lives. This process can help us to find better, healthier replacements for them. The idea is to develop healthy coping skills we can rely on instead of the default […]

How Can We Apply Mindfulness to Help Us Overcome Addictive Urges?

Practicing mindfulness helps us to develop our awareness, our understanding, our intuition and our strength around any particular issue. One of the most difficult challenges that will arise in our recovery is the temptation we feel around our drugs of choice and the addictive urges that hit us. We can feel powerless to withstand them. […]

Dealing with Toxic People in Our Lives

As we’re working to recover, one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our mental health is learn how to handle the toxic people in our lives. Many of us feel that our addictive behaviors and mental illnesses are compounded by the stress we experience in our relationships. We have partnerships, […]

How Does Self-Judgment Impact Relapse?

Through our recovery work, we learn that being judgmental with ourselves and down on ourselves only makes us feel worse about ourselves and more insecure, causing us to be more likely to turn to our addictions to make ourselves feel better. Our feelings of security, stability, groundedness and centeredness are all fragile when we’re working […]

How to Build Self-Respect

The healing journey requires that we love, respect and accept ourselves. When we can’t show ourselves appreciation or acknowledge our worth, we’re not at peace within ourselves, we’re not aligned with ourselves, and we’re not being true to ourselves. We can’t hope to heal if we don’t respect ourselves. We can’t fulfill our purpose or […]

How Did We Learn to Hate Ourselves?

One of the most destructive and debilitating emotions we have to heal from when living with addiction and mental illness is our self-hatred. Where did our self-hate come from? Where did we learn to hate ourselves? Why are we so insecure and down on ourselves? Why do we feel so inadequate and inferior? We have […]

How Can We Use Mindfulness for Our Anxiety?

Mindfulness is the practice of developing our conscious awareness in everything we do. When we are mindful, we’re becoming more conscious of our every thought, feeling and action. We give more thought to our intentions and our choices. Mindfulness can help us to cope with all of our mental and emotional challenges because it helps […]

Signs We Don’t Respect Ourselves

We associate the recovery process with tackling our addictions and working to get sober. Within that process is the very important work of building our self-love and repairing our self-respect. Our addictions and mental health issues have contributed to the destructive patterns of mistreating ourselves, devaluing and demeaning ourselves, and not acknowledging our worth. We […]