How Are Prince Harry and Oprah Trying to Make an Impact on Mental Illness?

How Are Prince Harry and Oprah Trying to Make an Impact on Mental Illness?

Prince Harry is partnering with Oprah Winfrey to make a mental health series for Apple TV+. By creating this documentary series together, these two iconic figures will help break the stigma of mental health and show it in its true light.

What Will This Docu-Series Be About?

Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey’s new documentary series will focus on mental health and mental wellbeing. The objective of this series is to inspire audiences to speak openly about mental illness such the challenges people face and how it is dealt.

What is Prince Harry’s Hope for this Series?

Prince Harry hopes that this series will be a positive and enlightening experience. He hopes to share human stories on people with mental illness fighting back against their symptoms and teach viewers about how to understand the human condition. Prince Harry believes that being healthy in your mental health is the key to being a good leader and living your life with purpose. He wants to present viewers with the fact, science, and awareness of a subject that is relevant to today.

What is Oprah and Prince Harry’s Experience with Mental Illness?

In 2017, Prince Harry spoke about how the death of his mother, Princess Diana, affected him in that he shut down all of his emotions for 20 years. He felt like the only way he could get through his mother’s death was to avoid thinking of his mother to prevent feelings of sadness. Prince Harry also helped launch the Heads Together Campaign to help change the conversation of mental health and raise funds for mental health services.

Winfrey’s experiences with mental illness comes from seeing people close to her hospitalized for severe suicidal depression, manic, and schizophrenic thoughts. Even though she knew about mental illness based on what she had read and guests that had been on her show with mental illness, it was not until mental illness hit close to home that she saw the seriousness of it. She would help her family members take care of themselves and that they continue taking their medication. Winfrey learned that mental illness is not something that you can talk someone out of and how complex the spectrum is since everyone experiences it differently. Both Winfrey and Prince Harry believe that this show will help break the stigma by getting people to talk about mental illness and for more to be done about it.

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