Preventing a Panic Attack at Work

Preventing a Panic Attack at WorkHaving a panic attack is when your anxiety causes you to think that you are having a heart attack and that you will die when it is really just your anxiety flaring up. You may have had an anxiety attack during work after receiving your work performance review or an approaching deadline that you are not ready for. It is important to face your panic attack head-on at work and to not be afraid to open up to your boss if necessary.


If you feel like your breathing has become rapid and shallow during a panic attack, this is the time to focus on breathing in a relaxed manner to help your panic attack go away. By being in a state where you feel like your oxygen has been lowered, this will cause you to experience even more fear and panic. Taking slow, deep breaths will deliver oxygen back to the brain and regain control of your feelings. Learn to breathe in from your diaphragm by inhaling for four seconds, holding your breath for seven seconds, and then exhaling for eight seconds. You can practice these exercises when you are in the bathroom or a private office whenever you feel a panic attack coming.

Jot Down Your Thoughts

When we feel panicked, we feel like we can no longer think. It may help you to write down your negative thoughts so that you can see if they make sense. Challenge your thoughts down and write down a more realistic version of what you are thinking. For example, you may be thinking that you are a failure if you do not make the deadline. Instead, change your thought by telling yourself you are a winner by dedicating your energy to your work. Once your panic attack is over, you may read these thoughts and think differently about your experiences.

Consider Speaking To Your Boss

It may be scary to consider the possibility of speaking to your boss or human resources, thinking it will only show a sign of weakness and a possible job loss. But, you also want to give an explanation for why you have to keep stepping out. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate if you have a mental illness. By coming up with strategies on preventing panic attacks, you can still keep your job and be in control.

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