Julia Michaels’s New Song Tackles Anxiety

Julia Michaels’s New Song Tackles AnxietySongs have a way to bring awareness to issues happening in the world that you may not have been aware of before. Through the poetry of the lyrics and the catchy tune, having a song stuck in your head will make the song’s message stick with you even more. Pop singer Julia Michaels accomplished her mission of bringing awareness to her anxiety through her hit song “Anxiety.”

Julia Michael’s Struggle With Anxiety

Michaels always knew that she was a songwriter, but was afraid of being a singer because of the pressure and anxiety that would come of it. She had her first anxiety attack when she was 18 where she would put herself in a corner in a fetal position from not being able to cooperate. After losing the opportunity to sing a duet, she realized that she really did want to be a singer and recorded her first album “Issues.” Even though her anxiety continued while she was touring, one performance changed everything as an audience member started singing along with her while she was singing. Michaels no longer felt like she was singing by herself anymore and did not feel alone. Michaels helps herself through her anxiety by looking to the people in the audience and keeping an eye on the phones singing her songs with her to avoid feeling alone.

“Anxiety” Lyrics Analysis

The song starts with Michaels talking about how her friends want to take her to the movies, but she’s “holding hands with her depression. She tends to make plans and hope that they call to cancel, but then regrets missing out on anything. In the bridges, she talks about how she feels like she always has to apologize for the way she feels when she thinks that she feels fine. In the chorus, Michaels explains that her friends do not know what it is like to have anxiety or why she has trouble sleeping at night. She wishes that it was as simple as taking a pill to “fix” her anxiety, but knows it is not that simple. The second verse talks about how she wishes she could get people raise their hands when they are feeling bad. The song ends with her talking about all of these thoughts running through her mind that she cannot shut off. This song can teach others about having anxiety and to have better sympathy for those struggling.

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