What Are the Best Methods to Handle Job Interview Anxiety?

What Are the Best Methods to Handle Job Interview Anxiety?

Interview anxiety means experiencing an intense worry before or doing the interview that can affect your behavior and your chances of getting the job you are seeking. This can mean that you are sweating, stuttering, shaking, and anything else that shows your nervousness. It is important to be confident and attempt to control your thoughts before the interview starts.

What Should I Avoid Eating or Drinking Before the Interview?

Caffeine has a tendency to make you jittery which is not the best drink to have before an interview. You should also not drink any alcoholic beverages even if you think it will make you relaxed. Alcohol can just make you feel more nervous which will make you drink more. Water is the best choice to help you stay hydrated before you speak to a recruiter all about yourself. Eat something light so that your stomach is not growling or feel light-headed. Eating too much can make you feel fatigued. Do not rush when you eat as well or you could get a stomachache.

How Can I Best Prepare for the Interview?

Just because you do not know what questions will be asked during the interview does not mean that you should be completely in the dark of what to expect when they ask you in. Try your hardest to research the company as well as reading the posting of the position you are interviewing for. Try coming up with questions of your own that you think you will be asked. Practice speaking slowly about your skills and what work you have done in the past that makes you ready for this position. The more prepared you are before the interview, the more confident you will feel putting into effect what you have practiced.

How Can I Change My Negative Thoughts?

When your negative thoughts start coming into play, challenge them. For example, if one of your thoughts are telling you that you are not good enough for the position, ask your thought, “Why?” Why wouldn’t you be good enough for this position? Change your thinking by telling yourself all of the classes you took on that particular skill set and other jobs you have done in the past that more than prove you are ready. By better preparing yourself before the interview and thinking positive thoughts about yourself, you will increase your chances of easing your anxiety before your interview.

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