Taraji P. Henson Talks About Her Anxiety and Depression

Taraji P. Henson Talks About Her Anxiety and DepressionActress Taraji P. Henson’s career is going pretty well as she is currently on Fox’s biggest show, “Empire,” and starred in the hit film “What Men Want.” Henson recently spoke to People Magazine about her ongoing treatment with her anxiety and depression. By speaking about her struggles with mental health, Henson is helping to break the stigma of mental health and encouraging others to talk about it.

What Led to Taraji P. Henson’s Mental Illnesses

When Henson became a hit taking on roles in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Baby Boy,” “Hidden Figures,” and “Empire,” the side effect of her fame was a lack of privacy. She felt like she had to be conscious about everything she did knowing it would be reported. This made her feel hard on herself and develop agoraphobia, which is a fear of being in places where you cannot escape. The things that she loved to do before like walking her dog, shopping, and going out to eat was no longer an option as her fame would catch up to her.

Henson’s Mental Health Management

Henson continually speaks to her therapist. While it is good to confide in your friends, a therapist is a professional that will give you exercises about what to tell yourself to get past those weak moments. Henson is aware that getting help for yourself is not easy and that it takes time. She advises those who are looking for a quick fix or those where therapy does not work for them to be patient and know that it will take more than one sitting to figure it out. She stresses how important it is to see a therapist regularly to achieve complete success. Henson also advises people to be patient when finding therapists as she had to go through several therapists before she found the right one.

Henson’s Mental Health Foundation

Henson created the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation after her father who was a Vietnam War vet with mental illness. After the father of her son was murdered, it was hard for her to find her son a black therapist, stemming the creation of her foundation. Henson is aware that mental illnesses are still stigmatized as people act like you can pray them away and not talk about it in fear of weakness. Henson’s advice on treatment and her foundation has contributed to breaking the stigma of mental illness.

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