How Service Projects Can Help Us Heal

How Service Projects Can Help Us Heal

A beneficial element of Experiential Therapy programs is the service projects that patients participate in, some of which they design and implement themselves as part of their community service. Volunteering, giving back to the community, and being of service to others are extremely beneficial to our learning and development as we’re working to recover from our addictions and mental health issues.

Very often our emotional struggles and difficult life circumstances left us feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and disheartened. We feel we were destined for better but let ourselves down. We feel disappointed in ourselves. As we’re working to recover, we want to uplift and encourage ourselves as much as possible if we want to implement positive changes for ourselves. Service projects are a great way of doing that. When we give back and help other people, we feel fulfilled. We feel better about ourselves. We feel we have something valuable to contribute. We feel worthy again. We start to believe in ourselves more.

Being of service teaches us valuable lessons. We see firsthand how easy it is to fall on hard times. Many of us are not very far removed from being homeless or hungry. We learn to have humility, to remember that everything we could have could be taken away in an instant. We learn to always be grateful for every blessing in our lives, and to never take what we have for granted. Our addictions and mental illnesses have a way of convincing us that our problems are insurmountable, that we have nothing to be grateful for, that we have been reduced to suffering, and that we’ll never recover. When we are working to heal, as we are learning to be of service to other people who might be suffering in ways we can only imagine, we are taught to remember all the ways in which we’re blessed to be in our position, no matter how difficult it might be. We see with our own eyes just how blessed we truly are. We remember that things could always be worse, we could always have less, and that we are in fact quite fortunate. These lessons are things we can only learn by actively being of service to people who need our help. When we give back, we strengthen our gifts for compassion, empathy and understanding for other people, very important skills to have as we’re working to be kinder both to ourselves and to others in our recovery work.

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