How Can We Heal from Regret?

How Can We Heal from Regret?Regret is a painful part of life and an unfortunate part of the addiction journey. We usually find ourselves still coping with regret even well into our recovery process. We find ourselves still living with the guilt, shame, disappointment and embarrassment we feel from our regrets. We’re still filled with sadness and remorse, even years after the mistake or wrongdoing in question. We find ourselves caught in vicious, recurring cycles of repeating old habits and returning to our addictions because they are comforting and familiar to us. We are very often trying to avoid the pain of our regrets, along with all the shame we feel. We turn to our addictions because we are desperate for relief, solace and comfort, and then we wind up doing more things we regret, causing the cycle to repeat itself and causing ourselves to be filled with more pain and turmoil. Our mental health can suffer as a result. We lose our faith in ourselves, our confidence and our feelings of self-reliance. We start losing our optimism, our hope and our ability to think positively. Regret makes us hate ourselves and causes us to carry the heavy burden of guilt and shame for far too long. Regret is all-consuming and debilitating. When we don’t reconcile our regret and resolve it within ourselves, it can limit us and hold us back. How can we mindfully work with regret so that we can move forward, forgive ourselves and focus on our healing?

One way to approach our regrets mindfully is to start confronting them directly. Very often when we’re dealing with our regret, we’re feeling so much sadness and anxiety that we can’t consciously, mindfully and carefully process our regret. We’re often not thinking clearly or feeling like ourselves. Mindfulness helps us to slow down, breathe and calm ourselves down. We’ll therefore be able to think more clearly, move through our regrets more easily, and get to the root issues causing us emotional pain. We can confront our regrets with mindfulness by asking ourselves some pointed questions and investigating our regret more deeply.

“What am I ashamed of? What mistakes, shortcomings and wrongdoings make me feel guilty and ashamed of myself? What do I regret, and why? Why am I having such a hard time forgiving myself? Why can’t I let this go? What do I need to learn in order to be able to move forward? How can I heal from this regret? What changes do I need to make to stop doing things I regret? How can I love myself unconditionally, even as I’m feeling regret? What do I need from myself in order to forgive myself?”

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