Art Therapy and Healing

Art Therapy and Healing

Art therapy, along with Experiential Therapy and Recreational Therapy, provides an alternative to traditional talk-therapy and uses creative expression to help patients heal from deeply rooted mental and emotional pain. Talk-therapy, or psychotherapy, can be difficult for some patients, especially those who have a hard time expressing themselves verbally. Many of us who have suffered traumatic experiences have difficulty talking about our trauma. We shut down when we’re asked to speak about our emotions. We have a hard time processing and communicating what we’re thinking and feeling. We’ve suppressed our emotions for so long that we’ve become blocked, we’ve built walls around ourselves to try to protect ourselves from pain, and as a result we don’t know how to express how we feel. For those of us who find speaking about our issues particularly difficult, art therapy can be a wonderful alternative.

Art therapy helps us unearth our suppressed emotions and allow them to come to the surface, with our creative expression as the outlet. When we don’t feel comfortable expressing our feelings, we often bury them deep within us. We use our addictive substances, behaviors and relationships to avoid having to feel them. We run from them and try to escape them. Our artistic abilities can be among the healthy coping skills we develop to cope with our emotions, to replace the drugs we turned to in order to feel better about ourselves and our lives.

When we are immersed in our art, we often feel our happiness returning. We feel comfortable and safe. We feel fulfilled. We feel aligned with our purpose and alive with creative excitement. Our art gives us something to look forward to. We feel a renewed sense of faith in ourselves. We can feel more at peace and more connected to our inner spirit.

Our art allows us to create something beautiful from our pain. It lets us see that our experiences have not been in vain, they haven’t been a waste of our time and energy. On the contrary, our experiences, including the challenging ones, have allowed us to create something meaningful and therapeutic through our art, something we can use to help us feel our emotions deeply so that we can process and heal them. Our experiences have allowed us to grow, learn and change, and our art helps us to see that. Art can be a profound part of our evolution. It is our way of communicating our innermost thoughts and emotions and of expressing ourselves. Our art is therefore a productive and effective means of working with our inner selves. With art, we’re creating something that we can use moving forward in our recovery, as we’re processing our emotions and learning how to heal.

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