Why Should We Be Patient with Our Recovery?

Why Should We Be Patient with Our Recovery?Whenever we feel impatient with our recovery, we want to remind ourselves that healing is a journey, a process and an evolution, and that true transformation takes time and commitment. Our addictions didn’t develop overnight and neither will our healing. We have to put work into our healing journey if we want to see results. We have to stay committed to our recovery and work our program as consistently as possible.

It’s natural for us to be impatient to get better, especially when we’ve been suffering for so long. We want quick fixes and instant gratification. We want to be cured, and we want to snap our fingers and feel like we’re back to ourselves. We’re tired of feeling so misaligned, so out of place, so out of touch with ourselves. We’re tired of not being at peace within ourselves. We’re tired of the turmoil, uneasiness, anxiety and depression.

Being patient in our recovery means having unconditional love for ourselves, demonstrating acceptance for ourselves and all our many parts, and being able to forgive ourselves for any mistakes we might make. Learning to be patient with ourselves means knowing that we might sometimes take steps backwards before we make any considerable progress forward. We might falter even when we’re doing well. We might disappoint ourselves. We might have regrets. Patience, however, means forgiving ourselves more easily and more readily, and resisting the urge to beat ourselves up if we relapse. Being patient with ourselves means learning that being kind to ourselves will yield far better results than being unkind and impatient with ourselves will. We learn that self-compassion serves us better than self-judgment, and that self-acceptance helps us reach our potential far more than self-rejection does.

When you falter or mess up, how do you usually respond? Are you quick to be impatient with yourself and feel angry or disappointed? Do you have a tendency to list your faults, flaws and imperfections? Are you so desperate to do better and get to a final destination point that you can’t enjoy the moment you’re in and be grateful for everything you already have? Having patience during the healing process means learning to take everything in stride, learning mindfulness so that we can be present in the moment, and practicing gratitude and appreciation so that we are fully enjoying the journey, not just rushing to the finish line. Our sobriety is made up of all the small, everyday choices we make. It is a journey, an evolution of transformation that requires patience, commitment and diligence. It is not a finite destination to strive for or push towards with impatience and urgency. Approaching it this way actually sets us up for failure and more disappointment. Being patient with ourselves helps us quell our anxiety, worry and self-doubt. It lifts us up as we work to heal ourselves. It is an essential element in our recovery work that will serve us tremendously as we continue to heal.

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