How to Restore Faith in Ourselves

How to Restore Faith in OurselvesWhen we’ve been living with addiction and mental illness, one of the things we lose is our faith in ourselves. How can restore our sense of self? How can we start believing in ourselves again? Having faith in ourselves means also having faith in our recovery. Without it, we may always be subconsciously sabotaging our healing. We might be stalling our momentum and derailing our progress, often without realizing it. Working to rebuild our faith in ourselves is a process that requires energy, time and commitment. The work we do pays off tremendously, not only in how we feel about ourselves but in the results we see in our recovery.

Part of having faith in ourselves is having the confidence to know we will survive no matter what. This faith requires strong conviction, and the will to dig deep and summon our inner strength even when we feel weak, disheartened or defeated. This practice means learning how to pick ourselves up when we falter, and focusing on our strength and courage even when we’re feeling down on ourselves. We want to regain the confidence many of us had before addiction took hold of our lives. We want to repair our self-esteem and shed the limiting beliefs that have convinced us to hate ourselves. This requires that we actively work to rebuild our self-image and recreate our self-perception. When we look in the mirror, we want to affirm to ourselves that we are more than good enough, that we are beautiful, strong and powerful. We want to start monitoring our self-talk so that it reflects our focus on the positive rather than the negative. We want to take all the limiting beliefs that told us we weren’t good enough and replace them with positive, uplifting affirmations. “I believe in myself. I believe I can recover. I have faith in myself. I am healing.”

Another element of restoring faith in ourselves is starting to do the things we care about again. Oftentimes we neglected our passions and interests for the sake of our addictions. We sacrificed all the things that made us feel alive and fulfilled, that made us feel connected to ourselves. We want to get back to these things and give them more of our time and energy. We want to reconnect with our inner selves again. The more we do this, the more we start to feel like ourselves again. We start to feel as though we’re stepping into our power and coming into our purpose, and this uplifts and affirms us, bringing us renewed hope and faith as we continue to move forward.

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