Strengthening Our Willpower

Our addictions and mental health issues have a way of making us feel disempowered and vulnerable. We lose our hope, our optimism and our faith. We become disheartened. We feel as though we’re totally overpowered and controlled by our issues. We feel that we’ve lost our willpower along with our ability to withstand temptation. This […]

How Do We Know When We Are Forming A Dependence?

Many of us will have a long history with substance use before ever realizing that we have developed a dependence. We might not feel we have a problem with it, until over time we’ve begun to abuse the substances we’ve been using to help ourselves cope. Substance abuse and dependence can sometimes take us by […]

Self-Love as a Healing Tool

Of all the things we learn as we’re working to heal, self-love might be the most important. Without it, we might always be vulnerable to the temptations, addictive urges and compulsiveness that lead to relapse, that feed off of our insecurity, our self-hatred and our lack of groundedness. We might always be susceptible to the […]

Should I Consider Professional Help?

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). When living with addiction, we’ve come to know the ins and out of our addictions, our patterns and cycles, and we can get so familiar in our comfort zones, even in the discomfort of our addictions, that we […]

How Service Projects Can Help Us Heal

A beneficial element of Experiential Therapy programs is the service projects that patients participate in, some of which they design and implement themselves as part of their community service. Volunteering, giving back to the community, and being of service to others are extremely beneficial to our learning and development as we’re working to recover from […]

Why Should We Be Patient with Our Recovery?

Whenever we feel impatient with our recovery, we want to remind ourselves that healing is a journey, a process and an evolution, and that true transformation takes time and commitment. Our addictions didn’t develop overnight and neither will our healing. We have to put work into our healing journey if we want to see results. […]

How Can We Mindfully Work with Shame?

Many of us carry our shame and our feelings of unworthiness for much of our lives. We stay closely attached to them, we identify with them, and we have a hard time letting them go. We start to identify as being shameful people. We feel inadequate, inferior, undeserving and unworthy. We allow our shame to […]

How to Restore Faith in Ourselves

When we’ve been living with addiction and mental illness, one of the things we lose is our faith in ourselves. How can restore our sense of self? How can we start believing in ourselves again? Having faith in ourselves means also having faith in our recovery. Without it, we may always be subconsciously sabotaging our […]

Dealing with Toxic People in Our Lives

As we’re working to recover, one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our mental health is learn how to handle the toxic people in our lives. Many of us feel that our addictive behaviors and mental illnesses are compounded by the stress we experience in our relationships. We have partnerships, […]

How Did We Learn to Hate Ourselves?

One of the most destructive and debilitating emotions we have to heal from when living with addiction and mental illness is our self-hatred. Where did our self-hate come from? Where did we learn to hate ourselves? Why are we so insecure and down on ourselves? Why do we feel so inadequate and inferior? We have […]