The Deadly Effects Of Alcohol Withdrawal

The Deadly Effects Of Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol affects a person’s health physically, mentally, and emotionally and can lead to early death. The brain controls the way a person thinks, feels, moves, and walks. When a person drinks alcohol, the brain’s neurotransmitters release dopamine, which gives him or her euphoric and pleasurable feelings. The brain becomes dependant on alcohol to function, which leads to addiction.

Over time, a person builds a tolerance to the alcohol consumed, so he or she needs to increase the amount of alcohol to achieve the initial pleasurable effects. As the person drinks more, his or her tolerance level increases. Heavy alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, brain damage, or early death.

Recovery from alcohol addiction is possible but takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work. Withdrawals from alcohol can be severe and include heart palpitations, sweats, and hallucinations. Some withdrawals from alcohol can be deadly, such as seizures and DTs (delirium tremens).

The first step to sobriety is going through detox to eliminate all the toxins from the body. The length of time for this process depends on the level and duration of the alcohol use. People who struggle with an alcohol addiction can detox safely through a medical detox program. Medical detox reduces the risk of life-threatening symptoms and discomfort from withdrawals is minimized with professional supervision and medication if necessary.

As with any substance, withdrawal from alcohol can be deadly. A person who is addicted to alcohol is at risk of memory loss, blackouts, and poor judgment. Alcohol impairs an individual’s ability to problem solve and use critical thinking skills. Alcohol causes impulsive behavior that can result in accidents or death.

While there is no cure for addiction, treatment is available and there is hope in recovery. If you or a loved one struggles with alcohol addiction or a substance use disorder, do not wait to get help. Corner Canyon tailors treatment to every client. Save a life today and enjoy all the benefits of living substance-free.

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