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Inpatient Trauma & Addiction Treatment

Corner Canyon Recovery is a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals committed to providing evidence-based and compassion driven residential addiction and co-occurring diagnoses treatment for all genders.

Corner Canyon Recovery is a comfortable and supportive environment where clients feel safe to experience both their challenges and their victories over behaviors and experiences of their past and present addictions and traumas. 

Drug Abuse | Alcohol Addiction | Mental Health Disorders

Addiction Treatment Center

Corner Canyon Recovery’s Addiction Treatment Center is excellent at treating addictions of all kinds as well as co-occurring problems that can lead to and complicate addiction. Corner Canyon’s team is skilled and experienced, with an average of 8 years of experience per team member working with addiction and several are in recovery themselves. Corner Canyon’s treatment model is based on utilizing research driven and time-tested practices. Corner Canyon also uses outcome studies to assess how clients progress throughout treatment and after completion for a year. This data is then used to improve and fine-tune our treatment methods.

Corner Canyon’s treatment team includes a Psychologist and Psychiatrist. Evaluations are completed at the beginning of a clients’s stay and inform treatment planning and individualized care.



At Corner Canyon Recovery, we have developed four major cornerstones that we believe are crucial to one’s sustainable success; Relationships, Support Systems, Brain Based, and Transition. Our Belief is that when helping a client build upon these foundational cornerstones, they can create a life of purpose and meaning. Our programing reflects and intertwines each of these foundational cornerstones through using proven evidence based treatment methods, exploring spiritual enrichment, which are chosen by and tailored to each individual. We create intentional experiences through therapy, recreation, community integration, and relational connections that support our clients in their early recovery journey.



We value compassion, communication, and service, and those are the principles that drive all that we do. Corner Canyon’s guiding philosophies are born out of our personal experiences, both in addiction treatment and in personal recovery.  We are dedicated to creating the best experience for the clients, families, and professionals we treat


Payment And Financing Options

We work with Optimum Financing to help our clients finance their time at Corner Canyon Recovery. Visit this link to get started.

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