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Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Corner Canyon Recovery is a Residential Adult Treatment Center focused on providing evidence-based and compassion driven mental health and addiction treatment for mixed gender adult clients of all nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, and life situations in a warm home environment with comfortable beds, excellent healthy food, massage therapy, positive peer culture, caring personnel, and individualized treatment and attention.

COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT evaluates all mental and physical elements affecting clients, and directs treatment planning and implementation. In addition to Psychological, Psychiatric, and Medical evaluations we use Pharmacogenetic DNA Testing to determine which medications are best for each client, and DNA Testing for Addiction to assess genetic vulnerabilities to different substances and problematic behaviors. We do a full lab work up to evaluate biological components to disorders like vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, liver enzymes, etc, and to rule out illnesses that could be problems, essentially everything that can be determined by blood work. We focus on the gut-brain connection through excellent “clean” eating and probiotic supplementation to quickly restore adequate levels of serotonin and dopamine to improve how clients feel.

CORNER CANYON RECOVERY USES THE MOST CURRENT RESEARCH ON THERAPEUTIC METHODS, including technologically advanced Brain Balancing (Vitanya), and Previdence, a proven system for assessing therapeutic data weekly and generating treatment recommendations to direct our programming and intervention with clients. We use EMDR and Brainspotting in addition to other modalities to treat Trauma and resulting PTSD. Corner Canyon uses DBT, CBT, Group, Experiential, Art, Music, and Relational Therapies. We offer 12 Step, Refuge Recovery, and Smart Recovery for addiction treatment. We create a warm and caring environment through a Seeking Safety foundation to assist with Trauma Informed treatment. We maintain a caring and emotionally supportive peer culture to help clients feel safe. Families and loved ones are critical components in effective treatment and our program involves them intensively during the treatment process if clinically appropriate. Corner Canyon also uses outcome studies to assess how clients progress throughout treatment and after completion for a year. This data is then used to improve and fine-tune our treatment methods.

RECIDIVISM IS HIGH among adults in typical residential treatment programs and Corner Canyon seeks innovative and research validated modalities in order to improve outcomes and maintain client progress after discharge. Healing and optimizing the brain, the top priority at Corner Canyon, enables clients to feel better and make better choices, which reduces recidivism compared to traditional treatment programs.



CORNER CANYON RECOVERY embraces the philosophy that those struggling with a dual diagnosis of mental health and addiction problems need comprehensive diagnostic assessment, sophisticated clinical treatment, and inclusive holistic programming in a comfortable home for optimal recovery. Our model is relationship oriented and emotionally safe and is carefully designed to lead to successful life-long recovery and happiness.

Mental Health Disorders | Alcohol Addiction | Drug Abuse


Corner Canyon works with adults 18 and up, with a co-ed population.  Typical clients have a mental health diagnosis, including depression, anxiety, bi-polar, other mood disorders, OCD, ODD, eating disorders, mild autism, ADHD, PTSD, personality disorders, and behavioral challenges. They have co-occurring addictions to alcohol, opioids, benzos, amphetamines, marijuana, and designer drugs.  We can provide referrals to detox settings prior to treatment if necessary.

We also treat internet and technology addiction, gambling, and other process addictions that interfere with a healthy life. Corner Canyon works with clients in the mild to moderately acute range of mental health concerns, and with moderate to severe addiction problems. Our program length depends on the acuity of psychiatric, psychological, and other needs of individual clients with an average stay of 45-90 days.

Real Experiences, Proven Addiction Treatment

“I just recently graduated CCR and there’s no way I could put into words how much that they have helped me grow into the person I want to be. The staff always did what was best for my sake even if I wasn’t willing to show up for myself and they stuck with me no matter. The therapists are so well trained and so good at what they do.

– Gabe, Former Client

“Because of everything you have done to help me get healthy. Corner Canyon will always have a special place in my heart and mind, and always know they you all truly made a difference in someone’s life.

I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve all done, I really hope you know and understand the impact you have had on me.”

– Former Client

“When I realized that alcohol was interfering with my life, I reached out to Corner Canyon Recovery (CCR).

Upon arrival, I received a medical and psychiatric evaluation. CCR then put together an individualized program specific to my habits and needs.

CCR helped me to understand the underlying issues behind why I drank, and to understand that my addiction was not the problem itself, but a symptom of the problem. Their clinical program provided me with therapeutic elements to help with complete recovery and tools to prevent a relapse.

Thank you to all the staff at Corner Canyon Recovery – I look forward to the future now.”

– P, Salt Lake City, UT

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